Web Advertising

Innovative Web Services may offer you web promoting services in two ways
Promoting campaign in web directors, web portals, web rings, etc

Towards the purpose of a better positioning in the pages of search engine results (SEO), besides the optimization of the content of pages, it is also necessary an off-page optimization. This means that, besides the optimization procedures that may apply towards the creation of your web-sites pages, there have to be applied optimization procedures that are not tied to their content.

Through a good promotion campaign within the lists of web folders and portals, you may achieve very favorable results regarding the off-page optimization.

In order to get maximum benefits, please contact us to help us determine what is the best way to implement your advertising campaign.

Advertising campaign within our own website portfolio

IWS has a portfolio of ebsites from which you can choose where to place your banner or advertisement, benefiting, thus, from the flow of visitors that other web-sites have.

Also, IWS, has a completely automatic system of placing the advertisements, of tracking the number of showings and/or clicks on your advertisements. The same system may be configured to send you, through e-mail, daily reports, weekly or monthly that may contain statistics about your advertisement.

Depending on the allocated budget, you may choose the number of showings of your advertisement in the pages of the websites from the advertisement portfolio. Also,, depending on their availability, you may choose that positioning of your advertisement in the web-site pages from the IWS portfolio.

The price, in the case of showings, is made for a thousand showings and it is made depending on a series of factors, like:

  • the ratecard of the chosen website
  • the total number of contracted showings (at a high number of showings there is a discount)
  • the page rank of the pages in which you chose to put the advertisement
  • the traffic reported by a third party for the area where you chose to place your advertisement.

Marketing strategies

we offer web marketing counseling

Web Marketing

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an essential service for anyone who wants their business to be successful not only offline but also online. We do our best to make your business generate more sales. Google AdWords promotion is the fastest way to generate sales for your online business. It's also a great way to get real data about the potential of your online business. If you do not already have a Google AdWords campaign, you are losing customers for the benefit of your competition.

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook promotion is a necessary and effective marketing tool for a startup and generally for any business. The Facebook advertising platform is unique because it offers the possibility to target your ad based on many factors such as location, demographics, interests, behavior or connections.

This very precise targeting allows you to optimize your campaigns and achieve excellent results.

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