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Search Engines Optimization

Professional optimization, ethical, which’s effects last in time
Search Engines Optimization

Because we believe that the purpose of an optimization campaign is to obtain the best results and which last over time, our firm makes the optimization only through accepted methods, through which we do not endanger the existence of your website. The personal information, even the fact that site has been optimized, are not made public. We chose this solution so we are not to create potential customer that the site has been made specially to attract them.

The positioning service within the search engines

Our optimization guarantees a professionally realized service, which respects the ethic code of optimizers, without using forbidden techniques. That is why, what we offer, may guarantee the remaining in the top 10, for long periods of time, which may go on for years. Many times, the recommendations and audit we offer have led to better positions, than any expectations of the client.

The web optimization offered by our firm means:
  • Keywords research, using professional services like Wordtracker, Overture, as well as our own tools;
  • Web pages code validation;
  • Content development to improve the relevance of the key words;
  • Optimization of the tags responsible for a better positioning;
  • Registering in search folders and engines;
  • Monitoring regarding page indexation by the search engines;
  • Reports regarding the positioning within search engines sorted by certain key words;

Marketing strategies

we offer web marketing counseling


Optimization duration, results and prices

The optimization campaign takes a minimum of nine months. Because the results are visible after a time of 6 to 12 months, this is the contact minimum accepted by our firm. The obtained results differ from one search engine to another and may vary in time with some positions, even for the same search engine, depending on the intervention of other sites on the market, by the data centers used for showing results, but generally the fluctuations are to as much as 5 positions. The optimization is made on the basis of current search algorithm, our firm guarantying top positions, only in the conditions that no major developments appear in these positioning algorithms or if it does not interfere with modifications on our websites.

Optimization - a slow process

The optimization process lasts a few months, because the search engines do not update their database, completely, except on an interval of 3 months. Also, the indexation time for new pages may also be pretty long. In the case of our web-sites, within a year, it is very possible that the results are less significant until the period of a year passes. Also, the erase from the cache of the completely modified pages may be delayed for a few months. Also, for the key words with a high competitiveness. We include a campaign of link building which gives results, after a minimum of six months. That is why we cannot guarantee any kind of result sooner than this time period. Patience is necessary for this process, the results, sadly, not being visible immediately.