Innovative Web Services

We are introduce to present ourselves to you

Innovative Web Services isn't only a company, it is a team, a familly. We are a group of young men, professional, with a lot of imagination.
In one word, Innovative.
We are certain that we can help your business.

In short, Inovative.

The basis of IWS were set in Bucharest, in 2004, and, after signing an exclusive consultancy contract with Innovative Trends Corporation, the name of the firm changes to Innovative Web Services S.R.L.

Over the year 2005 there are made great investments in logistics, there are made new work places and new projects are launched with an amasing success.

Be on top!

We can help you take the first steps on the Internet or improve your image if you already have a web presence.

Our Mission

The most important mission that any company has to achieve, regardless of the field of activity it is in, is to satisfy the needs of its clients.

Our mission is to see the things through the eyes of your clients, to identify their needs and to cover the entire range.

Innovative Web Services has created a good image because of the professionalism it shown in the relationships with the partners, employees and collaborators and developing together with them. The users of the IWS products and services were won their trust, by endlessly being proven to them that in IWS, they can find, all the time, a trustworthy partner, loyal, shelpful, and last but not least, very informed.

The professionalism, kindness, helpfulness represent our primordial objectives. Regardless of the sector in which they work, each member of the IWS team has an important contribution to the overall performance of the organization. Because we believe that in order to fulfill the client's needs, any employee has to be, first of all pleased with what he is doing, and to be updated of everything that goes on with his firm and his projects.

We feel that only by maintaining a calm and transparent environment we can run for the projects of a great complexity and scale. To this spirit the executiv leadership of IWS, puts at the disposal of the employees, of the partners or clients any data regarding the activity all throughout time. Also, we take pride in the fact that we practice such a transparency towards our partners, clients or team members.

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Our Team

The organizational schema includes:

A leading council, made out of the C.E.O., executiv director and financial director as well as the Departments:
PR - Marketing - Sales - Technical - Editorial.


If I think about where I left from, I should be very pleased about where I gotm but I am not, because I can't afford to let my guard down. Our clients must receive the best.
... ...
A team was made up that works so good that even if I wanted i couldn't shake it. I strongly believe that money doesn't change the world. Things are changed with money, the world changes with PASSION. The passion to do the things right. Money are only a consequence.

Dragoş Pufu

Executive Director

IWS has never been just a job. A job I had before I started at IWS. I came, in the beginning because of a hobby. Then it became passion. There is always something new, It is the place where I have seen that there are no limits and it is all up to you to overcome them.
... ...
A team was formed where any new comer is "asimilated" with a maximum efficiency, and the new ininformation is evenly distributed, that the rising level is general, and the losses become minimal.

Alexandru Păun

Every problem has a solution!

We always take the premise that anything is possible to accomplish.

Why Us?


Innovative Web Services can help you make your business known all over the world. Many people will think that once they reach the Internet, they can be known by anyone, anywhere, but it's not that simple, because there are obstacles such as linguistic or cultural barriers. We can help you in these respects.


Innovative Web Services can provide you with web and IT consulting for your business development. Every time our consultancy services have been approached, we have been involved and dedicated to the task, as if it were our own business. The results have always been good.


From the outset, since 2004, IWS has attempted to offer single market services at decent prices. Not a few times, we were surprised that the industry was generating subframes on micro-business models that were put into practice by us months or years before these sub-branches appeared publicly.