Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting

Where do I have to upload the web pages?

The files of the web page(html, php, jpg, js, swf...) are copied within the folder public_html. For the CGI files use the special folder: public_html/cgi-bin/

Can i create e-mail addresses, sub-domains or database?

Of course, they are made from cpanel. Also in the cpanel there are available many set ups about the e-mail, ftp, sub-domains, redirections, databases, sign up in search engines and other useful options.

Do I have to know Unix/Linux to host my website?

No. Through the administration panel you have at your disposal tools that you can use directly through the browser to make the necessary operations. Also you may use programs like FTP, Front Page, etc. to update your site.
General Questions

What does a 30 day money back guarantee?

For 30 days you may test the abilities of the server and quality of the services offered by IWS. If you are not pleased, we will refund your money without any questions asked about your reason.

How can i make the payment?

Payment is done through a payment order OP, cash deposit at the bank.

Do i have to have an account to pay through the bank?

It is not mandatory. If you wish to make the payment by cash, you need a printed copy of the e-mail with a proforma of that sum.

If i don't have a company (I am a private individual), can I benefit from IWS services?

Of course. You only need to fill out the order form in the field "Firm" with your name and at the "Trade Registry / SSN" your social number which you can find in your ID, passport or birth certificate.

In the case I want to switch to a bigger/smaller package (upgrade/downgrade) how do i proceed and what is the cost?

It won't cost a thing, you just have to pay the difference if you upgrade your package. If you downgrade your package it will be deducted from the following invoice. Send your request by e-mail.

Can i buy a domain name, without hosting it to IWS?

Of course. At the time you purchase a domain you become an owner, the option of web hosting is yours. In the case you need support from us we offer you freely the setting/transfer of DNS.

What's the payments reccurency?

Payments may be made monthly or once every 3 months.

Are there any discounts if I buy the domain name with a hosting package?

Yes. At IWS you benefit from special discount for registration of domains with web hosting.

Are there any other costs that I have to pay for?

IWS supports the policy of No Hidden Costs. Besides our fees, there is tha VAT, applied by your country or by Romania.

Are there sites that cannot be hosted?

From a technical point of view any type of site can be hosted. But the content has to be in compliance with the IWS hosting policy.

How long does it take to setup a new account?

Generally, the hosting account are set within 12 hours from the domain registration and 24-48 hours from the payment confirmation.

I haven't been properly billed. What can I do?

In the case of an error, we ask you contact the sales service and the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.
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