Web Programming

Innovative Web Services offers web programming services for thesimplest applications to the most complex ones.
Plan IWS-D-1
Pachet programare 1

Webdevelopment services plan.
Includes 1 hour.


Plan IWS-D-5
Pachet programare 5

Webdevelopment services plan.
Includes 5 hours.


Plan IWS-D-10
Pachet programare 10

Webdevelopment services plan.
Includes 10 hours.


Plan IWS-D-20
Pachet programare 20

Webdevelopment services plan.
Includes 20 hours.


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Innovative Web Services offers programming and development services for web-based applications, personalized, designed depending on the needs and requirements of each client. These services include: consultancy, design, programming, testing, installing, maintenance, development etc.

Web development services may be contracted in packages of 5,10,20 hours or depending on the requirements of the client, in personalized packages, with a variable number of hours.

The following discounts may apply for customers who have annual maintenance subscriptions of at least 450 lei / month (for subscription rates and what they consisting of, contact us):

  • Plan IWS-D-1 – contact your account manager
  • Plan IWS-D-5 – 5% discount
  • Plan IWS-D-10 – 10% discount
  • Plan IWS-D-20 – 15% discount
  • IWS-GDPR package– 1500 lei/domain

* Prices don’t include VAT, and may be negociated for multiple plans.

** The cost of the IWS-GDPR package is per domain and includes the implementation of GDPR rules at the website (not company) level.

The maximum response time is 48 hours between Monday and Friday from 9 to 17. If you want a quicker response time, this is possible by paying an emergency fee whose value differs depending on the desired response speed.

  • response in max. 48 hours: FREE (comes with every substription)
  • response in max. 24 hours: 100 lei
  • response in max. 8 hours: 150 lei
  • response in max. 4 hours: 200 lei
  • response in max. 60 minutes: 300 lei

* Response time is valid between 9-17 from Monday to Friday.
** For an answer outside of this interval, including Saturdays and Sundays, there is an extra charge of 450 lei / incident
*** The specified hours range is the time frame within which the request can be retrieved. The time to solve the actual requirement depends on its complexity.