Web Design

Innovative Web Services offers you webdesign services, from the simplest to the most complex designs.
Start Plan
Pachet Start

Ideal for a business that is just starting out, or for someone who wants to take the first steps on the Internet.


E-commerce Plan
Pachet Magazin Online

Unlimited options. It includes sites with a massive e-commerce component (dynamic sites).


Business Plan
Pachet Business

Ideal for those who already know the Internet, as well as for companies that want a comprehensive site.


Innovative Web Services offers you webdesign services, as a graphic production of the website layout, as much as an integrated package, as an interactive design. Through our experience in the field of production, development and implementation of websites, we can come to your aid through the creation of designs that may promote ideas, services or products that you wish to show. You may choose, depending on your communication needs, one of the promotional packages from above.

In the above offer, a page = 2000 characters. Depending on the particularities of the website, each additional page may or may not lead to a final price higher than the one shown on the site. Also, the design will not include anything else than photos from free libraries, the clients archive or image libraries of the IWS. For other original images, there has to be paid for rights that may lead to an increase in the price of each website.
Prices don’t include VAT, they are for orientation purposes and may be negociated.

Responsive design

adaptable to phone, tablet or laptop screens

Website design portfolio